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CB Music Studio Agreement
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Lessons are 30 minutes for most students.  I do have some students that have 45 minute lessons.  Tuition is $22 for half hour time slots and $31 for the 45 minute time slots.  Payments are due the first week of the month – no later than the 10th   Please make checks payable to Catherine Bloemker or CB Music Studio.   I also except cash or payments by zellepay.  I’m open to other options if they don’t charge me a fee.  If you forget your payment you can drop it by the house or put it in the mail. 

If for some reason you are paid ahead from the month before. You still need to pay the balance due by the 10th of the month.  Just text or call me to verify the adjusted amount needed to be paid.  If for some reason you can’t make the payment by the 10th of the month, just let me know.  I can work with you and your situation. 

Continual Chronic late payments and/or non-payments could jeopardize on going lessons.


It is really important to have regular attendance. It helps with the students’ progression. Sometimes you will have schedule conflicts. What I ask is that you give a 24 hour notice so that I can use your time slot for makeup lessons.  Makeup lessons will be given within eight weeks.   Please, please try not to schedule doctor and dentist appointments on your lesson day.  When given a 24 hour notice I will provide you with a makeup lesson.   If less than a 24 hour notice you will need to pay for the lessons missed.  

If your child is sick and you can’t give 24 hours notice I will try to work in a makeup lesson if possible.  If I don’t have a time slot available you still need to pay for the lesson missed. 

Continual chronic or multiple absences could jeopardize our ability to continue lessons.

If I make a cancellation I will try my best to provide a makeup lesson. If I can’t work out a makeup lesson you will not pay for the time I missed.

Vacations do not need to be made up.  (I consider missed vacation times as 2-3 lessons per year.)  More time off than that needs to be paid for or made up.

Lesson Cancellations

If you choose to stop lessons, I ask that you give me a two week notice.   If you need to stop right away and can’t take the 2 lessons –then you still need to pay for the 2 weeks.

Lesson Materials

You will be responsible for paying for all music books for the students. Piano students’ materials usually consist of their regular set of method books approximately $30, a Christmas book approximately $7-8 and sometimes a supplement solo book.

Vocal students will be charged $40.00 a year for music supplies.  The yearly fee is due the first week of March.


You are welcome to park in my drive way or in front of the house. Please leave the left (North) side of the drive way open.  I need to leave it open for my husband to come and go.  You are welcome to park on the right side of the driveway.  Please use my driveway to turn around in or go to the end of the street to turn around.  I’m trying not to upset my surrounding neighbors with my traffic in their driveways. 

Lesson Time

Most of my parents choose not to stay.   I find that most students focus better without an audience.   I do want you to feel comfortable to come in anytime and watch.   Feel free to ask questions.

Transition Time between Lessons

If at all possible please have your child wait in the car till you see me or the student before your time start to come out the door.  This helps to not interrupt another student’s lesson.  If you think I am running late, then please have your child come on in the house.  I will try my best to stay right on schedule.   It is also very helpful if you can pick up your child on time.  I know sometimes it can’t be helped especially with the weather conditions.

What I’m trying to avoid is having a child wait a long time in my entrance way getting worried about not getting picked up.   And I’m also concerned about other plans that I may have scheduled after their lessons.    

Helpful Parent Support

Be helpful, interested and supportive with your child’s lessons!  BE A CHEERLEADER!!

Have an acoustic piano (that is regularly tuned) or an 88 weighted digital piano (Keyboard).

Set aside a regular practice time each day to develop self-discipline and good practice habits.  Young children will need DIALY help from parents.  Regular practice will make a huge difference in their success. 


Please feel free to phone, text or email me anytime.  Sometimes the quickest way to give me a message is through a text.  I have a pretty full teaching schedule so there are many hours I am not available by phone.  If you send me a message, I will get back with you as quickly as I can.

Thank you so much for your help.  If you have any questions just ask.  I try to be flexible.

Catherine Bloemker

CB Music Studio