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cathyWelcome to CB Music Studio. My name is Catherine Bloemker. I have been a music teacher for over 35 years. I have a strong love and passion for teaching music. I love seeing my students progress and having fun playing music. It would be really tough to say what age group I enjoy more. Working with young children is so much fun and so delightful. But it is also such a joy working with older students and adults. I find adults students have a desire to play but are sometimes afraid and intimidated. I work well with all ages to try to encourage and to help take away those fears of learning and playing in front of a teacher. I prefer teaching beginners. I find it easier to teach someone from the beginning than to break bad habits. I will take students that have had some lessons.  I continue to learn new teaching methods and training.  I have served several years as an officer for the Indianapolis Piano Teachers Association.

I am a mother of 3 children and now a grandmother of 4. I am married to Ed Bloemker who is the owner of  Piano Warehouse of Indianapolis. I love every opportunity being Grammy. I had also home schooled my children for 5 years when they were young.  That was one of my greatest joys.  With home schooling as in music lessons you go at the students’ pace.  You want to make sure they learn and understand the information before moving on to the next concept.

For many years I’ve been a choir director for children’s choir through adult choirs at several different churches.  I served many years as a worship leader and youth group leader.   I also have a dance background which was very useful in creating choreography for the musicals I have directed.

Besides teaching music lessons, I often help coach students to help them with auditions, contest and speeches for school.  The best time to request for help is when you find out about the audition, instead of waiting 2 days before the audition.  The better prepared you are the better you audition will turn out.

I would love to help you or your child with music lessons. Please contact me for more information.

Catherine Bloemker