CB Music Studio

Piano & Voice Lessons


I have worked with Cathy since December 2004. Cathy resumed teaching private piano and voice lessons at Meridian Music just before she retired from piano sales. She continues to teach two days a week for Meridian Music in addition to the lessons she gives at home. Cathy works remarkably well with students of all ages. Cathy’s studio is successful because she is warm, friendly, and professional with all students and their families. Cathy is also very creative in using technology and current music in the studio and in recitals. Not only does Cathy teach piano and voice, she also teaches Harmony Road, an early childhood music program. Cathy also continues to further her knowledge of music education by maintaining and active membership in the Indiana Piano Teacher’s Association and by attending workshops for independent music instructors. I highly recommend Cathy for any child or adult wishing to begin private piano or voice lessons.
-Hillary Blake, Director of Education
Meridian Music
Carmel, IN

A few years ago, our daughter, who was 11 at the time, expressed interest in taking piano lessons. We searched for a piano teacher on the west side with no luck. Taking a chance, we stopped at Meridian Music to see if they knew of any teachers on the west side and were given Cathy’s contact information. Many times over the last 3 years, we have said that it was fate! Cathy is a wonderful teacher; she is an exceptional pianist herself and is a kind, warm instructor for the kids. Our daughter is also a vocalist and has on occasion had vocal lessons with Cathy, but she truly enjoys piano and looks forward to her lessons. We are amazed at the progress she has shown in such a short time, and it is wonderful to have “live” music in our house! We definitely recommend Cathy – she is a real gem…Tom and Lynn Vertacnik, Brownsburg

Thank you for all the wonderful years of teaching!  I will always remember you as the best piano & voice teacher ever!  You have taught me so much about both piano and voice and life.  I will be sure to keep in touch and keep you posted on how things go in North Carolina!  Love, Maya E.

Thank you for for being the best first piano teacher and voice teacher can be.  You are not only an amazing teacher but, you’re an amazing person to.  I’ve loved getting to know you!  Love, Melanie E.

Our  children have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Cathy at CB Music Studio for a few years now.  They have learned so much and have started to really play beautifully.  We love, and look forward to the recitals each year to see how much they’ve grown in their love of music.  I do have to add the little incentives she offers such as candy and a prize when they complete their goals doesn’t hurt their enthusiasm either. 🙂  They really look forward those special rewards for their hard work.  She is kind and patient with them and they always look forward to their lessons.  Denice Styck

A few words from some of my younger students..(with spelling errors)

I like piano because its something I enjoy.  It’s fun to learn new notes and play new songs.  Piano is a really fun activity that my brother and sister and I like to do piano for fun. I like piano lesson’s because we get to play cool songs and every week we get a check mark and when we get our six check mark we get a prize.  But my bigest prize is my teacher miss cathy who tought me piano and thats why I like my piano lessons.  William S.

I like piano because ther different songs.  and thers Chistmas songs to. I like piano because thers cool recital songs.  Every six check we get a prize.  Thats why I like piano.  Joseph S.

I like piano lessons because I enjoy making music and having the Best teacher ever it is even more fun!  Also I am home schooled so piano is my music class.  I look forward to it every week.  I love all the different songs and getting to see Ms. Cathy.  Piano lessons is so Fun!  Madison S.

Thank you so much for the last 6 years of patience and dedication to teaching Emerson piano.  You have been so kind, flexible and wonderful.  We will always remember you!  Adam, Meloney  & Emerson M.

Cathy,  It is hard to put into words how thankful I am that you are in my life.  Thank you for eight incredible years of learning and music.  You have been the greatest mentor anyone could ever ask for.  Thank you for caring about me beyond the music and helping me through a multitude of problems.  You will always be my idea of a perfect teacher.  I love you!  Love, Jordan Young