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Recitals – Piano & Voice recitals located at Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, In


Recitals are a great opportunity for students to perform and be encouraged by an audience. I offer 2 recitals every year, with one in the spring (mid May) and one in the fall (mid Nov.).  They are usually on Sunday afternoon, with a choice of 1:30 or 3:30 recital times.  I do not require my students to participate in the recitals.  But I do encourage them to participate.  It’s a wonderful way for parents to benchmark their progression over the years.  And also a wonderful way to help give students confidence to be able to get up and perform in front of others.  Parents and Grandparents are encourage to attend.

The students get to help select the songs that they will perform for the recitals.  I also make sure we start early enough so that they feel very comfortable and confident with the pieces.  We do talk through and practice what to do before the recital.  Again I want to help the to comfortable and excited to perform.  I want this to be an encouraging experience.  And not something that they will dread. I find that my studenrecital6ats can’t wait to start working on the next recital.

Music is not required to be memorized.  Though several students will play by memory.  Many times one of the pieces is a fun duet piece.  I have been blessed that several of my parents are musicians.  And we have had moms and even a grandmother play with their child or grandchild.  This is only if the parent or grandparent would enjoy the opportunity.

Currently my recitals are at Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg, Indiana.

There is no charge for the students to participate in the recitals. This is my gift to my students and their families to say thanks for all their hard work and commitment they have done.  Parents are welcome to bring their cameras to capture wonderful memories.  I have what we call the parents chair at the recital in the front row.  So that when your child is performing you can sit up front and get better pictures of you child.  This was a wonderful suggestion from one of my parents.  And we have been doing it ever since.